The Mint - Before and After 
Corporate-Before and After
This part shows a commission from "The Mint" Restaurant.  
As you can see I started with bare walls and "what a transformation!"
From the moment my artwork went up the atmosphere in the restaurant changed.  It instantly felt more homely and welcoming - complete.

Peter Ross, the owner, was delighted with the end result.  The feedback from both staff and customers has also been fantastic.
Delighted that you are so happy, Mr. Ross!

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Corporate-Reigart 2013

"Reigart are delighted to have commissioned a special piece of Artwork from Alexis Bradley to commemorate its 25th Anniversary in April 2013.

We decided on Alexis having seen her work at several exhibitions, including the Country Living Fairs.  We felt her style was the perfect mix of modernity and uniqueness.

The fact that Alexis is also a local artist was an important factor in our choice.

We are really pleased with the finished piece and it is now taking pride of place in our Head Office in Coatbridge."
Alexis presenting the artwork to Kate Reilly of Reigart.