Art inspired by Caledonia
"Bonnie Scotland"
This is one of my SECC displays, 2017
Welcome to my 'Caledonia' art page. You may already be familiar with some of my Scottish themed designs such as Westies, Scotties, thistles & of course the iconic stag. But, recently, I've been truly inspired by Glasgow. I live not far from this great city, but to tell you the truth, had taken it a bit for granted. I think watching the Commonwealth Games reminded me, that Glasgow and it's people are 'pure dead brill'! This was all the inspiration that I needed in creating my new 'Glasgow' designs. What better place to start than 'The Duke of Wellington'? 'He' was so much fun to work on with his quirky traffic cone on his head. The skyline was my next mission. There are so many iconic buildings that are full of character to choose from. I hope you like the end result.
Another addition to this page are'The Kelpies'. If you haven't been to Falkirk yet to see these absolutely magnificent sculptures, then I highly recommend that you do. They are phenominal! When I saw them I was speachless - felt totally emotional - WOW! I couldn't get them out of my head at the time, so, it goes without saying, I just had to incorporate them in to a piece of artwork using my own unique techniques. It certainly wasn't the easiest thing that I've ever worked on but enjoyed every minute of it. I was determined to do them justice & was really delighted with the outcome. All my hard work & patience has paid off.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at my new designs.
Please do get in touch if you require any further information.
Haste ye back!

"Stag on Wood" Copyright ALexis R Bradley, Artist.
"Nature boy II"
"As dawn breaks"
"2017 Thistle" Copyright Alexis R Bradley, Artist
"Moonlight Serenade"
"Highland Cow" copyright Alexis R Bradley, Artist
"Family Gathering"
"Stands proud"
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As featured in John Amabile's Homes Designs page of the Sunday Post.